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At the tail end of Zach Randolph's day over at OregonLive's You Be the GM the vote is running about 64% to 36% in favor of dumping Zach.  I knew that sentiments were running somewhat against Zach but it still surprises me a little to see that two out of every three Blazer fans are voting to let him go after the best season of his career.  I didn't know things had gone THAT far.  Granted the poll isn't quite what you'd call scientific, but it can't be off by that much.  (The final results should be up by the time you read this.)

We've talked about whether he should be traded and what he could be traded for, but we have not addressed the final question in the Zach Randolph trifecta:

Do you think Zach WILL be traded this summer? (Or at least by the trading deadline next year?)  Obviously it's guesswork on our parts (unless one of you is secretly Kevin Pritchard and another one of you is his clandestine trading partner) but what does your gut tell you and why do you think that?

--Dave (