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Heads up on Upcoming Projects

The Player-by-Player review will end about the middle of next week and I wanted to give you a heads up on a couple of things that are heavily participation-oriented so you could start preparing.

First, we will conclude the player reviews with an Open Evaluation Day.  I will start a post that allows you to make any assessment you want about any player you want.  But here's the must be in the form of a POEM.  We'll leave the thread open for a day or two and at the end of that time the author of the best poem (judged on various qualities by yours truly) will receive a nifty prize and the official title of Blazersedge Poet Laureate to go alongside Fromagnon's official Best Prognosticator in the Universe title.

Second, immediately following that we will start to get hot and heavy into the draft.  But here's the deal:  I only have time to follow one league intensely and that's the NBA.  I don't know near enough about college ball or college players to talk authoritatively about draft prospects.  So this will depend very heavily on you.  You'll be more than welcome to do research, collect rumors, and offer opinions of your own--basically becoming co-bloggers for that time.  I think the format we'll use is position by position.  In other words I'll post, "If we were to go after a center what are the best prospects?"  You guys could run down what you think of Oden but also offer other alternatives.  We'd do power forwards the next day and so on.  At the end of the run I hope we'd have a reasonably sound Blazersedge draft board, including which prospects we think are rated highest at each position.  It should be incredibly fun on draft night to compare our collective draft board to the actual draft order and see how we did.

Also at some point before the draft we'll commission our very own Blazersedge mock draft with people volunteering to pick for various individual teams based on their assessments of their needs.  We will all vote on who the Blazers should take.  We'll compare our mock draft to the actual one also to see how we did.

So brush up on your poetry skillz and start researching draft prospects.  Let's see if we can put the rest of the blogosphere to shame.

--Dave (