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Top Ten Baby!

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As "junit" pointed out in his diary to the right, Blazersedge made the Top Ten list of most influential NBA blogs according to a company called SportsMediaChallenge who indexes these things.  The link is here.  We came in at #8, which isn't bad for a starting point!  (Especially true when you consider how many thousands of NBA blogs are out there.)  Our sister site GoldenStateofMind came in at #5 and Truehoop (natch) was #1.

This is, of course, a community award, so I think everybody has a right to be a little proud.  It's actually pretty remarkable that a blog covering a team up in an obscure corner of the country (and a team that has been in a slump for a while to boot) could have that significant of a presence.  But then again, that's Blazer fans, right?  A tip of the hat should go to the Blazer organization too for giving us things to be interested in and talk about. Also the role that guys like Casey Holdahl at O-Live, Jason Quick at the Oregonian, and Mike Barrett with the Blazers play in helping us out and giving us great material to work with shouldn't go unnoticed. Truly all three of those gentlemen should go higher on the "Most Influential" list than we.

Still, this is a nice thing! With a little work, a few more comments, and another reader or two maybe we'll crack the top five next year...

--Dave (