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The Right Ingredients

I think we all agree that the team has taken an upswing this year in quality of play, prospective outlook, and most importantly of all (perhaps) in its relationship with the fans.  We're a lot farther ahead than we were even a year ago.  I think everybody would also agree that we all have a ways to go before announcing the full-blown return of Blazermania.

Which got me thinking...what IS required for a full-blown return of Blazermania?  What are the ingredients that make up that magical (and oh-so-Portland) state of basketball ecstasy?  Certainly winning is involved there somewhere, but how much?  After all it began with a World Championship.  Is that all there is to it though?  And if not, what else do you need? How complex is the recipe anyway?

                         New team president, vice-president, marketing director,
                               and media relations head pose for a candid shot

I'll be interested to hear how far you think we are down that road and what steps remain.

--Dave (