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Jersey Contest Scoreboard: Spurs Game

Here are the scores for tonight's game.  Unsurprisingly everybody picked the winner correctly, so it came down to free throws and stats.  A couple people have even more reason to hate Tony Parker tonight, as he went 6-12 from the free throw line.

Game Results:
Blazers 96  Spurs 112
Which team will have the higher free throw percentage?  Blazers (78.9% - 76.9%)  One more Spurs make would have flipped it.
Statistical Predictions:
Jack Pts--19
Jones Pts--0
Webster Pts--5
Blazer Bench Pts--24

Jorga  65
Shenanigans  57
Ssa400  50
Saregister  50
Fromagnon  50
DrawingJeremy  41
CmClean  32

And then there were six...

--Dave (