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Jersey Contest Playoffs

Seven go on and one remains.  I would say making it, oh, to the final five or so should be seen as a semi-amazing accomplishment, and we've only got two games left before we see who does exactly that.

Blazers  74  Dallas  86
Which will be greater at halftime, the Blazers' score or the Mavericks' FG%?  Mavs' FG% (almost double)
Travis Outlaw Pts--16
Brandon Roy Assts--Scratched for all
Jamaal Magloire Rebounds--9
Total Blazer Blocks--4

DrawingJeremy  72
Saregister  70
Fromagnon  68
Jorga  62
Shenanigans  56
CmClean  56
Ssa 400  50
Rockingharder  30

Condolences to RH.  That's what next season is for.

--Dave (