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Jersey Playoffs Scoreboard

Here are tonight's results:

Blazers 85  Rockets 78
Which team gets more offensive rebounds?  Houston
Sergio Pts--5
Ime Fouls--2
Raef Mins--26
Blazer Steals  5

CmClean  37
DrawingJeremy  37
RockingHarder  35
Jorga  30
Shenanigans  27
Ssa 400  25
Fromagnon  23
Saregister  23
DevynLindquist  1

It's somewhat of an emotional shock to see Devyn go.  He's the last of the earlier jersey winners and if you recall he dominated the field the month he won, which was also the first month he played.  The Greeks must have felt this way when Paris' arrow found Achilles' foot.

--Dave (