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Hollins or...?

You've no doubt heard that the Blazers will retire Lionel Hollins' number during the final game of this season as they honor the 30-year anniversary of the '77 Championship team.  And let me say that I love that team very much.  I was just a little kid in '77 and that team got me started on this life-long love affair.  Hollins was a huge part of that squad and the honor is very much deserved.

But I think there's some discussion to be had here.  Hollins will become the sixth member of that squad to have his number retired, joining Walton, Lucas, Twardzick, Neal, and Steele.  That's half the roster.  Meanwhile the early-90's Finals squad boasts only Drexler as an honored member.  Geoff Petrie is the only other Blazer besides that to have his number retired.

Granted the Championship weighs heavily and counts for much.  But is that too big of an imbalance?  Without being disrespectful to Lionel Hollins or his contributions I think it's fair to ask, shouldn't names like Porter, Kersey, and Williams be part of the conversation...maybe even to the point of saying they should have been next in line?  Can you make a stronger case for honoring Lionel than you can for Terry, Jerome, or Buck?

What do you think?

--Dave (