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Possible Break for Friday

From the ESPN Recap of tonight's Golden State-Houston game, which Tracy McGrady departed after only seven minutes of play due to back spasms:

McGrady missed his first three shots and went to the bench 7 minutes into the game. The Rockets initially said McGrady wasn't injured, then announced at halftime he was out for the game.

The Rockets started the night 1½ games behind Utah in the race for the No. 4 playoff spot in the West and home-court advantage in the first round.

McGrady said he was "questionable" for Friday's game against Portland. With the higher seed slipping away, McGrady said he may take extra time to make sure his injury heals.

"We're in [the playoffs]," McGrady said. "There's no question we're in. I'm not going to try to rush back at all until I'm ready."

Of course as we just found out, being shorthanded doesn't neccesarily equate to losing.  Also we're still more injured than they are.  But McGrady has been so unstoppable for us this year that you've got to think that his absence would make life just a little more rosy...especially for Ime Udoka.

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