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Weekend Jersey Contest Prediction Forms

For those of you playing along at home with our playoff contenders, these are the prediction forms for this weekend's games.  And guess what?  Since the actual contestants are e-mailing in their predictions you can feel free to register your own predictions in this thread if you wish.

This is just to make QualityPie happy:

Playoff Participants please do not register your prediction here.  This thread is for everybody else!

--Dave (

Final Score: Blazers Houston
Who will get more total offensive rebounds, the Blazers or Rockets?
Statistical Predictions:
Sergio Rodriguez Points--
Ime Udoka Fouls--
Raef LaFrentz Minutes--
Total Blazer Steals--

Final Score: Blazers Dallas
Which will be higher at the half, the Mavericks’ FG% or the Blazers’ SCORE?
Statistical Predictions:
Travis Outlaw Points--
Brandon Roy Assists--
Jamaal Magloire Rebounds--
Total Blazer Blocks--