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Jersey Contest Playoffs Scoreboard

Well, nobody projected the Blazers to win (not terribly surprising) and only three people got saved by getting the bonus question right.  That left a tough fight at the bottom.  Here you go...

Game 7 Results
Final Score  Blazers 94  Jazz 89
Will the Blazers have more than 2 dunks?  No
Magloire Points--7
Roy Free Throw Attempts--13
Sergio Misses--2
Total Blazer Assists--19

Jorga  47
RockingHarder  47
DrawingJeremy  43
Fromagnon  29
CmClean  28
DevynLindquist  27
Saregister  23
Shenanigans  22
Ssa400  22
HarryManBack  19

And down to nine we go.  Everybody but Harry breathes a sigh of relief, but not for long.  By the end of the weekend we'll be down to seven...

--Dave (