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Parting Wishes

There's a story here about James "Mr. Scott" Doohan's ashes being deposited into space on a rocket flight (along with 199 of his friends whose families paid $495 apiece for the privilege).  I've always wanted to go into orbit but since it's now becoming de rigeur I think I need a new way to dispose of my remains when the time comes.

Do you think it's possible I could be infused into some kind of dye/paint substance and used to mark the Blazers' three point line?

Failing that, I know they press some people into "gemstones" now.  Maybe they can press me into sequins and RipCityGal can use me as a part of an irresistably alluring Sergio-attracting sign?

Or perhaps little vials of me can be used as "22" prizes for the Jersey Contest.  (Speaking of, those who won them in March I haven't forgotten you.  There's just been a slight delay.  Hold tight.)

--Dave (