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Another Shot

Seeing as how the response was pretty good to yesterday's question and seeing how we have another off day, I have another one for you.  And I'm really not trying to get out of writing here, I just honestly don't know what to say about this one. I think as much as a fan can I have a pretty good pulse on this team but I admit when it comes to this question I am absolutely clueless.  And it bothers me.  So I'm asking.

You've seen nearly a whole season now (plus a few years prior).  You're not going to see much to change your mind in the last nine games and if you do you probably shouldn't believe it.  (Remember the buzz about Ha after that one season-ending performance against the Lakers?  That turned out great, didn't it?)  So based on what you've seen, tell me...

Can Travis Outlaw play or not?

I go back and forth on this so much it's not funny.  Help.

--Dave (

P.S.  There were some nice enough answers in the "one change" post below but none knocked my socks off enough to award an official "GM for the day".  I'm leaving the post open again today just in case somebody else wants to take a crack at it.  It's perfectly fine to suggest non-trade possibilities too, like TwoDeep and TearsforDuckworth who suggested more motion in the offense and more up-tempo play respectively.  I like the more motion idea.  Maybe somebody has a suggestion how to accomplish that.  (Put them in the post below this one, not here.)