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SBN Year-End Awards

Blazersedge gets the privilege of presenting the SportsBlogNation 6th Man of the Year Award.  Voting happened all over the SBN NBA sites the last few days and now the results are tabulated.  And the winner in a landslide was...Joey Crawford.  No, no, no...wrong award.  Here are the real results.  Players got three points for a first place vote, two for a second, and one for a third.

Leandro Barbosa  163 points
Manu Ginobili  89
Jerry Stackhouse  79
David Lee  34
Corey Maggette  6
Tyrus Thomas  6
Jose Calderon  4
Dikembe Mutumbo  3
Jarvis Hayes  3
Steve Francis  2

One Point Each:

Andrea Bargnani
Luther Head
Juwon Howard
Kyle Korver
Jamaal Magloire
Antonio McDyess
Andres Nocioni
James Posey
Shavlik Randolph
Anderson Varejao

Congratulations to Leandro Barbosa.  As the winner he will receieve an official SportsBlogNation "air trophy" which is big and spectacular but takes no visible space on your shelf, leaving room for all of those minor NBA awards.  He'll also get a slightly empty six-pack of Pabst Blue Ribbon, courtesy of Indy Cornrows, and Golden State of Mind promises to donate a half dozen flashing pictures to gum up the load times on his website, should he have one.

The other awards will be revealed all week on other SBN NBA sites.  Click around on the SBN basketball link menu to the right and you'll be sure to find them.  (Hint:  search the non-playoff team sites first.)

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