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Sportsblog Nation Awards Part 2

We'll do our own Blazer season awards this week but in the meantime there are NBA awards to vote on all over the network.  Because of my weekend glitches these are late, but they still count until midnight tonight

Basically it works like this:

--You vote in this thread for your TOP THREE players, in order, for each award.  No ties.  No fourth player.

--We score your votes for each award, 3 points for your first choice, 2 for your second, 1 for your third.

--Voting ends Monday at midnight.  At that point we submit our point totals to the network.  The totals are compiled and the network's awards are rolled out at different sites next week.

Here are the awards you can vote on in this thread:

Defensive Player of the Year

Coach of the Year

League MVP

Vote for any or all of them below.  Remember to list your TOP THREE for each award.

--Dave (