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Happy Blogging Birthday

It kind of passed quietly over the weekend with the technical glitches and all, but Saturday marked my first birthday as a blogger.  On April 21st, 2006 I posted the first entry on Blazer Thoughts, an argument with a Dwight Jaynes column that had suggested 2005-06 as the worst Blazer season ever.  My big point was that he was correct as far as record but emotionally, spiritually, and direction-wise the "Jailblazers" seasons had been worse.  The post got one whole comment from Ignacio, who gets the distinction of being the first commenter in a Dave blog ever.  And one comment was a big deal in those days!  Somebody actually read what I wrote!  Woohoo!

A lot of other things were different a year ago too.  Kevin Pritchard was a relatively obscure name to most Blazer fans.  Nobody in the universe knew who Ime Udoka or Sergio Rodriguez were.  The "Draft the Stache" chants were just beginning.  Martell was the savior of the franchise.  We had three quality point guards (or so we thought) and the hardest part was choosing between them.  And Zach and Darius were lightning rods for controversy.  OK...not EVERYTHING has changed.

Since that day there have been 920 posts between Blazer Thoughts and here.  The way I write that probably equates to somewhere north of 800 standard Microsoft Word pages of Blazer-related material...enough to make a couple fair-sized novels.  And that's not counting your comments, my responses to your comments, and the diaries.  Together we've got to be well over 1000 pages by now.  And guess what? I've loved every moment of it.

So thank you for your support, feedback, and all the great discussion.  In the true spirit of the Blazers at the moment I think we're safe in saying it only gets better from here.

--Dave (