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Starting It Up

If you read the Quick Chat just below this post you noticed that Casey asked Jason a question that he wouldn't or couldn't answer, namely what the starting lineup would look like next fall.  And I figured dadgummit (because I always think like an old-time prospector when I write at 2:30 in the morning) if the experts couldn't answer that question we'd take a try.  So...

Assume that our draft pick is not one of the top three but sits around 6 or 7. Do whatever you want with that pick or any other player on the roster as long as it's reasonable (no LBJ, no Dwyane Wade, probably no Garnett without giving up Roy). Then give us what you think would be a good starting lineup for opening night next year.  Please explain what you did and why.

Maybe we'll send Casey to a happy place.

--Dave (