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Jersey Contest Playoffs: GRAND PRIZE WINNER

Here are the results:

Blazers  98  Warriors  120
Bonus Question #1:  How many Blazers will have 4+ assists?  Two  (Sergio and Dan)
Bonus Question #2:  Who will lead the Blazes in personal fouls?:  Magloire, Jones, or Jack
Webster Points--14
Outlaw Shot Attempts--17
Magloire Rebounds--11
Total Blazer Turnovers--19

Ladies and gentlemen, the Champion, the Grand Prize Winner, and the newly-crowned Blazersedge Best Prognosticator in the Universe Forever and Ever Until Next a score of 78 to 70...Fromagnon!  For his efforts FM will receive a Brandon Roy R.O.Y. Leatherman Tool, an official Trailblazers cap from, and a Blazersedge "Roy-Bot" t-shirt.  Congratulations also to MattD who picked Fromagnon as his "Hoss" way back at the beginning of these playoffs.  He'll be receiving a Blazersedge t-shirt for his brilliance.

Thanks to all who predicted over the course of the year.  You bet we'll do this again next year and yes...there will be another playoffs to determine who will get the crown.  Until then, my friend, wear it with pride.

--Dave (