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It's The Final Countdown...

(Sorry...I know I just stuck that synthesizer riff in your head for the rest of the afternoon.)

But HERE WE ARE, facing the LAST BATTLE between TWO TITANS of the sport.  No, not Golden State and Portland, Fromagnon and Jorga of course!  This game will decide who worked a month and a half for all the gold and glory and who just gets a nice t-shirt out of it.

I asked each competitor to give us a short bio so we'd know a little more about them.  It only seemed fair since they'll represent the site as the pinnacle of predicting prowess for the next year.

Fromagnon is up first:

In the real world, I'm young, not college young, but not yet into my thirties.  I play the role of Architect in this great big world of ours.  I've been a Blazer fan since birth, thanks in large part to my Mother, who was fanatical about the team in the late `80's-early `90's.  My favorite players were always Terry Porter and Sabonis, though Brandon Roy is quickly climbing my list.  And my all time favorite experience with the team was anytime I got to see Sabonis live, to see a man of his size and age do what he did always will amaze me.

Fromagnon chose as his main prize the Brandon Roy Leatherman, plus a cap and a Blazersedge "Roy-Bot" t-shirt.  Very cool!

And in this corner... Jorga!

I was born in Oregon over by the Idaho border.  Graduated from h.s. in Seattle.  BA degree in Spanish from Colorado, but also credits from UW, PSU, Clackamas CC, UO (Portland), Marylhurst, and I'm not sure that's all.  Never could decided what I wanted to be. If I could do it over again I'd major in some sort of earth science.   Did teach 3rd grade in Seattle area for several years ; husband's job brought us to Portland area.  2 kids, 3 grandkids.  Now no  husband but not looking for one  :-)

All-time favorite Blazer is Terry Porter, I suppose because his hustle, passion, reliability, and being an all-around good guy.  I've always been fond of  point guards going back as far as Dave Twardzik, (although I abandoned the Blazers when their names started appearing on police blotters almost as often as in box scores ).  I've been to more games this year than any previous year and really appreciate having such a fine, fun, forum to discuss "my" boys.

Jorga is also playing for a Brandon Roy Leatherman (who wouldn't?), a cap, and a Blazersedge "KP" t-shirt.  Maaaahvelous.

And now down to the all-important predictions:

Final Score:  Blazers 93   Warriors 112
Bonus Question #1:  How many Blazers will have four or more assists? Two
Bonus Question #2:  Who will lead the Blazers in personal fouls? Luke Schenscher
Statistical Predictions:
Martell Webster's Points-- 16
Travis Outlaw's Shot Attempts-- 13
Jamaal Magloire's Rebounds-- 11
Total Blazer Turnovers-- 16

Final Final Score:  Blazers 98   Warriors 108
Bonus Question #1:  How many Blazers will have four or more assists? Two
Bonus Question #2:  Who will lead the Blazers in personal fouls? Raef
Statistical Predictions:
Martell Webster's Points-- 10
Travis Outlaw's Shot Attempts-- 13
Jamaal Magloire's Rebounds-- 9
Total Blazer Turnovers-- 11

Analysis:  Both have predicted the same winner (duh!) and the same number of 4+ assist people.  A lot will be riding on whether Raef or Gingy gets the most fouls (if either of them do).  However there is enough variance that either one of them could recover from coming out on the short end of the bonus question stick, but it would be hard.  If neither of them have the bonus question right, of course, it's completely up in the air.

--Dave (