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The Long, Hot Summer

Less than 48 hours from the time I type this the off-season will be upon us.  As I said in an earlier post I think for the team it's coming two weeks too late.  For fans, though, it's never fun to be without the Blazers.

Those of you who discovered Blazersedge during the year may be thinking that with the end of the games comes the end of all the good stuff here.  Not even close!  In fact in some ways a site like this stands out even more in the off-season than while the games are going on.  Of course there won't be five posts a day because there's not as much source material during most of the summer months.  But we do post at least once or twice a day, six days a week, the whole summer through.  Other than the O-Live Blazer Blog, nobody covers as much Blazer material during the dry months as we do.  You can't find it in the Oregonian, the Tribune, ESPN, or anywhere else like you can here.  This is where we shine.

The summer also gives us a chance to discuss all of those theoretical and philosophical points that we miss in the rush of the regular season.  The absence of nightly games and attendant media coverage leaves much more room for your thoughts and opinions, and thus great discussion.

Here's the list of stuff we'll be doing in the early part of the summer.  This is hardly comprehensive, just the tip of the iceberg of what you can look forward to:

--A comprehensive recap of the season, including highlights, expectations, questions asked and answered, new questions raised, problems solved, and needs exposed
--A detailed player-by-player and position-by-position analysis of our personnel--what they showed us, where they've fallen short, and what we might expect in the future
--Our own Blazersedge Season Awards, voted on by you
--A ton of discussion on the draft, including what the best thing to do with the pick(s) would be and analysis of who we should take at any given position
--Real-time coverage of the lottery drawing and the draft itself
--An eyewitness, blow-by-blow account of the Vegas Summer League in front of and behind the scenes
--Trade analysis and speculation
--More interviews with interesting people surrounding the Blazers

So you see, discussion doesn't fade around here in the off-season, it picks up!  I guarantee you it'll be late August at the earliest before we even have to stretch for topics.

And as always, there will be no better place to talk over these things, or to get your daily Blazer fix, than right here.

--Dave (