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In Case of Tie, Break Glass...

With the many, many close scores throughout the Jersey Contest Playoffs you've no doubt noticed that the possibility of a tie is very real.  The predictions can be equidistant from the results or a game can get so loopy that nobody gets any stat points, leaving identical bonus questions and/or winner predictions.  Obviously if this happens in the last game we have to break it.  I've already informed the participants of the tiebreaker method but I thought I'd inform you if you're curious.  If you're not just skip this and head to the other posts.

I did not look at any previous scores before determining this method and I will not unless it become necessary.

If there is a tie in the final game the scores of previous playoff games will be used to break the tie, EXCLUDING the first two games in which there were byes.

The primary tiebreaker is most games led in the playoffs.  Only the #1 position in each game counts for these purposes.  If Player A got the top prediction three times and Player B got it two times then Player A wins.  This rewards people who occasionally predicted fantastically over those who just snuck by.

If the players are tied after that tiebreaker then total cumulative score during the playoffs is the next tiebreaker.

If the players are STILL tied (right...) then head-to-head is the final tiebreaker.  The player that finished ahead of the other player more will be the winner.

Probably this won't be necessary but you never know.

--Dave (