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Jersey Contest Playoff: Utah Game

Ohhhh...every game has been fraught with emotion because of the eliminations and many have been tight, but this one almost makes you ill.  One point.  That was the difference.

Blazers 93  Jazz 130
Bonus Question:  Will Jamaal Magloire be over or under 10.5 rebounds?  Under
Statistical Predictions:
Outlaw Points--26
Jack Assists--5
Total Blazer 3-pointers made--5
Total Blazer Offensive Rebs--7

Fromagnon  60
Jorga  51
Ssa400  50


But there you have it...Fromagnon and Jorga are your Jersey Contest finalists.  One of them will win the grand prize package and be acclaimed Grand High Blazersedge Jersey Contest Predictor of the Universe Forevermore (Until Next Year Anyway).  Each has chosen their prize package already and we'll post them along with their Wednesday predictions.

--Dave (