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Part of the Problem

As I was cruising the O-Live Blazer Page I caught this AP photo of Magloire and Derek Fisher struggling for a rebound.  I'm re-posting it here because they rotate those pictures on a regular basis.  Look at it.


You know what I see in that picture?  Fisher looks like the Incredible Hulk.  I still maintain that part of our problem is we don't have any guys--at least any smaller guys--who look anything close to that.  Fisher looks way more powerful than any of our guards, than Webster, than Ime, than Travis even.  Guys like Joel and Zach are bigger but they're nowhere near that well defined.  We play a nice skill game when we set our minds to it but we get pushed around a lot, not just on rebounds but most nights on defense as well (both us on them and them on us).  I'm not sure this out and out costs us games...who can tell?  But I'm pretty sure it makes them harder for us, especially as the season grinds along into its final months.  Better bodies sure wouldn't hurt us any next year.

--Dave (