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Jersey Contest Playoffs: Seattle Game

What a strange game.  I suppose the Jersey Contest was one of the main suspense factors in it.  That and ping pong position were the only things that mattered.  Here you go...

Final Score:  Blazers  108  Sonics  102
Bonus Question:  Who was the Blazers' leading assist man?  Jarrett Jack
Statistical Predictions:
Jones' Shot Atts--12
Magloire's Pts--9
Schenscher Mins--16
Total Blazer Free Throw Atts--30

Jorga  31
Fromagnon  20
Ssa400  15
DrawingJeremy  9

So the whole semi-late entry thing was all for naught, as Jeremy went down anyway.  Ssa400 barely survived by the skin of his teeth and had Jack not been the leading assist man for the Blazers Fromagnon actually would have gotten a zero.  But that, my friends, is the way the ball bounces.  Down to three now, and along with their predictions on Monday you will also get to see some of the things they might be playing for.

--Dave (