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Jersey Contest Playoffs: Seattle Game

Here are the predictions for tonight's game:

Final Score:  Blazers 92  Sonics 100
Bonus Question:  Who will be the Blazers' leading assist man?  Roy
Statistical Predictions:
Fred Jones' Shot Attempts- 5
Magloire Points- 8
Schenscher Minutes-8
Total Blazer Free Throw ATTEMPTS 29

Final Score:  Blazers 85   Sonics 88
Bonus Question:  Who will be Portland 's leading assist man? Jack
Statistical Predictions:
Fred Jones' Shot Attempts-- 9
Magloire Points-- 12
Schenscher Minutes-- 12
Total Blazer Free Throw ATTEMPTS -- 20

Final Score:  Blazers   95   Sonics  98
Bonus Question:    (With eyes closed she picks a name from a hat and it's .... Jarrett Jack.)
Statistical Predictions:
Fred Jones' Shot Attempts--   6
Magloire Points--  12
Schenscher Minutes--  11  
Total Blazer Free Throw ATTEMPTS  22


Final Score: Blazers 97 Sonics 98
Bonus Question: Who will be Portland's leading assist man? Jones
Statistical Predictions:
Fred Jones' Shot Attempts-- 6
Magloire Points-- 10
Schenscher Minutes-- 22
Total Blazer Free Throw ATTEMPTS - 17

That's right, in a stunning turn of events, after making it all the way to the final four Jeremy no-showed this prediction.  It's a move that's sure to make Saregister pull his hair out, because had Jeremy done this last game instead of this one Saregister would still be alive.  Nevertheless things happen like they happen.  The good news is that the other three contestants get a free pass to the final three.  Their scores are up in case they get a perfect 100 and win a jersey on the spot.

I can't help but think Jeremy is going to be kicking himself.

Upon further review I have made an executive decision. I have received Jeremy's forward as he stated in the comments section. Although there's no way to conclusively prove its veracity it seems unlikely that he's fibbing because:

1. We still have no further information on Roy or the game so there's no advantage waiting this long.

2. If he were waiting to see others' predictions the smart thing to do would be to pick Jack with the bonus as two others did, while he went out on a limb and picked Jones. Also it would be stupid to pick Schenscher's minutes 10 higher than anybody else and Blazer free throws 5 lower.

3. After surviving a gruelling month and a half by dint of your superior picking it would be downright stupid to take that kind of a foolish chance.

4. It just doesn't seem likely that Jeremy or any of the contestants left would lie or try to gain an advantage like that. Even though the site is growing we really are more or less family here still. While I'm sure Jeremy would like to win I can't imagine him taking pride in winning through cheating. I also can't imagine him being really upset if Jorga, Fromagnon, or Ssa won either.

5. I bet if I polled the other three contestants they'd say to let his predictions in.

In short, it just makes sense that he's telling the truth. So employing my best Judge Judy-like powers of discernment I'm allowing the picks. Why? 'Cuz I'm the boss, applesauce.

Also though in true King Solomon fashion I'm going to rule that if Jeremy does survive the night and if his opponents wish his Monday predictions will be shown to them by 9 a.m., well before they have to post, not that that's a huge advantage for them either, but there you go.

--Dave (