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Jersey Contest Playoffs: Clippers Game

Here are the results!

Final Score:  Blazers  89  Clippers 107
Which team has more turnovers?  Clippers (14-12)
Statistical Predictions:
Martell's Rebounds--5
Travis' Blocks--0
Jarrett's Points--8
Blazer 3pt Attempts--11

DrawingJeremy  75
Fromagnon  73
Jorga  72
Ssa400  60
Saregister  58
Shenanigans  39

Shenanigans and Saregister were playing off a tie-breaker from the last game, which means the lower of those two is eliminated immediately (as if they had been ousted last game).  That's Shenanigans.  The lowest score of the remaining players is also eliminated as a result of this game.  That's Saregister.  At least they left it all on the table.

That means we are down to four:  DrawingJeremy, Fromagnon, Jorga, and Ssa 400.  One of those four will be our Grand Prize Winner.  And after tomorrow it will be three.

--Dave (