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Friday Morning Question

OK, here's your musing opportunity for Friday A.M.

One of the things Jason Quick mentioned in the chat yesterday was that the Blazers would be looking for a dynamic starting small forward in the offseason, a Rashard Lewis type.  Here's my question:  Would you go for the original or not?  Why?

Let's assume we have to get rid of Zach to get him.  In fact I'll set up a hypothetical trade for you that could be in the ballpark if Seattle doesn't end up top three in the lottery:

Portland trades Zach Randolph and Dan Dickau to Boston

Boston trades Paul Pierce to Seattle

Seattle trades Rashard Lewis (new contract) to Portland and their first round selection to Boston

Forget whether the other teams would do it (though I think it does make some sense for them all).  Would you make that trade?

Rashard Lewis' Stats

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