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Quick's Game Report

Jason Quick's game report for last night's game was excellent as usual.  But I was struck by the following quote near the end, talking about the need to rest Roy on the second game of the back-to-back this week:

"I have to be really careful with Brandon," McMillan said.

Roy's problem now extends beyond his right knee, which became swollen last week during the Blazers' three-game swing through Texas. It was discovered on Tuesday that Roy now has tendonitis in his left knee, probably as a result of compensating for his swollen right knee.

Nate...for the love of Pete.  If you have to be "really careful" with Brandon then DON'T PLAY BRANDON!  What is the point?  He's already spent a decent portion of his rookie year injured.  We don't need to make things any worse or make this a chronic condition especially if he's acquiring compensation injuries from going out there with half a knee.  What are we proving?  What are we helping?  What are we winning?  What are we finding out about him that we don't already know?  Answer Key:  nothing, nothing, nothing, and nothing. Even if the risk is small it's not worth risking anything to get nothing!  Shut him down...please?  Half the team is gone anyway and Martell, Travis, Freddie, Dan, and company will love the extra playing time.

--Dave (