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Jersey Contest Play-Along Forms

Here are the prediction forms for the weekend games if you'd like to play along with the actual playoff participants.  For those new to the site, we played the jersey contest all season long with monthly prizes and now the best of the best are competing for the grand prize.  But some folks just like to play along so they post their predictions here just for fun.

FRIDAY @ L.A. Clippers
Final Score:  Blazers  Clippers
Bonus Question:  Which team commits more turnovers?
Statistical Predictions:
Webster Rebounds--
Outlaw Blocks--
Jack Points--
Total Blazer 3-point ATTEMPTS

SATURDAY vs. Sonics
Final Score:  Blazers   Sonics
Bonus Question:  Who will be Portland's leading assist man?
Statistical Predictions:
Fred Jones' Shot Attempts--
Magloire Points--
Schenscher Minutes--
Total Blazer Free Throw ATTEMPTS

--Dave (