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OT: Strutting, Stiffing, and Selling

Ah yes, it's that annual holiday where a semi-significant portion of the country gathers around their pay-per-view screens to watch giant men pretend to fight in their underwear.  Yes, today is the day for Wrestlemania 23.

I discovered Playboy Buddy Rose, Kurt Hennig, Billy Jack Haynes, Rip the Crippler Oliver, the Assassin, the Dynamite Kid and company when I was just a lad and even though I know it's stupid, the bug has never completely left me.  I don't follow nearly as much as I used to because I hate a lot of what the WWE has become:  idiotic storylines, uses of women so juvenille as to make it impossible to invite friends to partake, and all that jazz.  But once a year I can't help myself.  I've gotta watch.  And to be fair the last few Wrestlemanias have been pretty darn good.

I'm anticipating some disappointment this year.  There's no fan-popping Rock-Hogan moment scheduled on the card.  There's no classic Benoit-Angle type match either for the purists.  Shawn Michaels will probably steal the show but we've seen that before.  Batista-Undertaker?  Probably all downhill after the introductions.  Unless they throw out a surprise or two I'm prepared to be underwhelmed.  Nevertheless I'll probably take it in.  So for one day a year only, if you want to comment on the IQ-sucking spectacle that is pro wrestling, be my guest.  And if you're watching this evening, let me know what you thought.

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