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Monday Free-For-All

Today's a free-for-all discussion.  The topic is simple:

Give me one move (trade, draft, lineup shuffling, shift in philosophy...ANYTHING) that makes this team better.  One say it, the Blazers do it.  What is that move?

Feel free to respond at any length and to respond (with civility) to other people's ideas as well.

--Dave (

P.S. Stay focused. One move, not two or three. Also if you need another team for this don't make it something so obviously unreasonable that nobody would do it (e.g. "Trade Darius Miles for LeBron James!") No duh that would makes us better, but really...

P.P.S. Just to make it interesting, at the end of the day I will pick an honorary Blazersedge GM, the person I think has the best (semi-plausible) idea.