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Jersey Contest Playoffs: Game 6 Results

Here are the results from Game 6 of the Jersey Contest.  The Bonus Question was invalidated because of Maggette not playing but since it was invalidated equally for everyone the show went on. (This was unlike the one the other night when Roy's no-show was a surprise and would have jobbed six people and helped the rest.)

Rockingharder  77
Fromagnon  72
DrawingJeremy  70
CmClean  68
Saregister  68
Jorga  65
Ssa400  63
DevynLindquist  63
HarryManBack  33
Shenanigans  33
Duckblazer  32
GimmeIme  28

GimmeIme unfortunately must bow out because of the lowest score.  DrawingJeremy, DuckBlazer, Rockingharder, and Saregister were in a four-way playoff from the last game and DuckBlazer ended up with the lowest score of those four, so he is also eliminated.

We are down to our final ten contestants. DevynLindquist is now the only one of our former jersey winners left in the contest.

--Dave (