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March/April Jersey Contest Game 4

The next game isn't until Sunday but as is the custom in this short regular season stretch of our final Jersey Contest of the year I'm going to post prediction threads for weekend games early so nobody misses.  With only 9 games before the playoffs that could make quite a difference.

Hey...if all of you folks who technically get paid by other people to read Blazersedge (and thus don't check in on weekends) would just send me 25 cents an hour out of your salary I could quit my day job and do this full time!  Takers?  Any takers?

Oh well.

As always just copy the form below into the comment section of this thread and fill in the appropriate info.  You get 30 points for predicting the winner correctly, 20 points for the bonus question, and up to 50 extra for statistical accuracy.  A perfect score of 100 wins a jersey on the spot.  A lousy score of 22 wins a bonus prize because that was Clyde's number and should be honored.  

Game 4 Prediction Form
Final Score:  Blazers  Warriors
Bonus Question:  Whose Team Field Goal Percentage will be higher?
Statistical Predictions:
(Only three this time...)
Sergio's Assists--
Ime's Three-Pointers Made--
Total Combined Points scored by our three rookies (Brandon, Sergio, Lamarcus)--

Best of luck to all!

--Dave (