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Stolen Idea

A gentleperson nicknamed "Public Defender" placed a post in this thread at the now-generically-named BasketballForum (formerly  The thread is about Travis but in his/her reply PD listed the current Blazers in order of "Most Important Players to Keep".  I was intrigued by the list and so I am stealing the idea and modifying it somewhat.  

Share with us your list of most important Blazers to keep, in order, starting with the most important at the top and then down to the least.  There can be varying reasons someone is most important to keep.  It's not just straight talent.  Age, contracts, style of play, and a lot of other things can factor in.

Also I'd like you to insert two lines when you make your list.  The first marks the players you think have a chance to be great (i.e. stars or superstars), the second players you think will be good (i.e. solid contributors with little or no chance of being a bust or bench scrub).  In other words when we see your first line we know you're guessing everyone above it on the list will be a great player for us.  When we see the second we know everyone above it will be good.  And yes, it's perfectly possible to start your list with a line if you think nobody currently on the team will end up great.  Being below the lines doesn't mean that the players can't become great or good, just that you're not as confident in them and/or their long-term value to the team.

Here's my list to start things out.

  1. Roy
  2. Aldridge
  1. Jack
  2. Zach
  3. Sergio
  4. Webster
  5. Udoka
  1. Przybilla
  2. Outlaw
  3. Jones
  4. Miles
  5. Magloire
  6. Dickau
  7. LaFrentz
--Dave (