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March/April Jersey Contest: Game 3

Here we go again!  The contest is still tight for those top dozen spots that will get you in the year-end playoff for the nice jersey.  It's not too late to start playing if you haven't already but in another game or two it will be, so get your entries in now!

As always scores of 22 or 100 (out of a possible 100) get instant prizes.

Just copy the form below into this post's comment thread and fill in the numbers/answers to enter.  One entry per household please and make sure you're in by 7:00.

Game 3 Prediction Form
Final Score:  Blazers  Spurs
Bonus Question:  Which starting backcourt has more steals tonight, the Blazers' or Spurs'?
Statistical Predictions:
Lamarcus Aldridge's Points--
Zach Randolph's Turnovers--
Brandon Roy's Shot Attempts--
Total Blazer Free Throw Attempts--

Good luck to all!

--Dave (