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Anyone who's read me for a while knows how I feel about "Lottery Simulators".  To give you an idea, I'd rather hear 100 chalupa chants and see 1,000 arena marriage proposals...heck, I'd rather see a guy propose to a chalupa and consummate the relationship on the spot...than see even one more post saying, "I ran the lottery simulator and my team got the third pick!!!"  AAARGH!  That doesn't MEAN anything!  You can tell exactly what picks your team has a chance of getting by looking up the percentages.  You running the simulator doesn't change them!  It's like me saying me picking a couple numbers and my computer generating the same ones shows me something about my Powerball chances Wednesday night.

But now...NOW our friends over at ESPN have topped themselves.  They've trotted out the Lottery Simulator early!  (And no, I'm not going to link to them.  You'll have to find it yourselves.  Hint: It's currently on the FRONT PAGE.)  I didn't think it was possible, but this makes even less sense than before!  How can you pretend to simulate the lottery while not even knowing where your team will finish, and thus what you're really simulating?  You don't even have the bad excuse of wanting to see if it could "really happen".  If WHAT could really happen???  How do you know you didn't just simulate the Bobcats position?  DOUBLE AAAARGH!

:::breathing into a paper bag to calm down:::

OK...I shouldn't let things like this annoy me so much, but they just do.  Can we all make an agreement around here that if we're going to fiddle with tea leaf reading, at least we do it when the season's over so we know the actual odds of what we're talking about?


--Dave (