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Contest Prize Ethics

You all know that you get a bonus prize for getting a (relatively) low score of 22 in the jersey contest, in honor of the Blazers' great 22, Clyde Drexler.  Most know that up until now that prize has been a MacFarlane Clyde Drexler action figure (though that's changing this month as we're running out).  This brings up a potentially sticky matter of ethics and order though.

It is fine to leave the figure in the box as an eventual collector's item.  It is also fine to take it out and display it on your desk at work, on your shelf in the den at home, on your kid's dresser, or wherever you want as a sign of your genius work predicting.  However it is not OK under any circumstances to head to the local superstore, purchase a Barbie Dream Doll, call it Shandi Finnessey, and use the two dolls to play "Dancing With the Stars".  No!  Bad!  Improper use of prizes!

I don't care if you see Clyde doing it.  If Clyde jumped off a bridge would you do that too?

--Dave (