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Jersey Contest Playoffs Game 5 Results

Wow...close-bunched scores.  Fortunately after Saturday's game we're going to have e-mailed entries so the pack will not be able to intentionally bunch together.

Game 5 Results
Blazers  92  Grizzlies  96
Blazers' Leading Scorer:  Zach Randolph
Statistical Predictions:
Zach's Points--43
Sergio's Fg Attempts--2
Jarrett's Turnovers--1
Blazer FG%--44

The Scores:

CmClean 40
HarryManBack  37
Ssa400  37
Fromagnon  34
DevynLindquist  34
Shenanigans  33
GimmeIme  33
Jorga  33
Saregister  32
DrawingJeremy  32
DuckBlazer  32
RockingHarder  32
Homersolo  31

Two things stand out here:

  1.  Poor Homer...he was the only one to pick a Memphis win and as such would have gotten through this game easily as the high scorer.  However he feared to be the sole contestant hanging in the breeze and so changed his prediction at the last minute to be in line with the pack.  He was in line with the pack...exactly one point under it.  Irony, and a great story.  If there were a post-game interview Homie, you'd be on the mic.
  2.  Because the last game was scuttled there were to be two eliminations in this game.  There are four people tied for the second worst.  That means next game the lowest scorer of those four will be eliminated.  This is in addition to the regular elimination of the lowest overall scorer.
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