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Question of the Day

I thought the responses to the post below asking how many real, legitimate NBA players we currently had on the team were pretty telling.  The answers seemed to average around 2.75 truly legit players on the team.  That's not very good considering 12-14 players make up a squad.  It's even worse considering a lot of people seem to think that one of those 2.75 isn't a long-term solution for the team.  Given this, I assume the public perception is that we're still a little ways away from being good.

That and the comments about championships and such in Obrich's "Pain and Suffering" diary to the right made me think of this question:

Let's assume we keep Brandon Roy and Lamarcus Aldridge.  You can throw Sergio, Martell, Jarrett, or any of the other guys into the equation if you think they're significant.  Given that assumption, do you think we make the NBA Finals during the Roy/Aldridge era?  Why or why not...and if not then what would be need in order to do it?

I also thought of a secondary question:

How do you pronounce "Obrich" anyway?  Is it a hard "ch" as in Heinrich?  Or a soft one like "Rich"?

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