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R.I.P. Blazer Bill

OregonLive is reporting that Blazer Bill, one-time Blazer cheer master, died from colon cancer today.

That guy came to my school when I was just a youngster.  I remember mostly that he had the worst idea for a free throw cheer in the universe, the "Silent Cheer".  He'd yell, "Silent!" and we were supposed to yell, "Silent!".  Then he'd yell, "Cheer!"  and we were supposed to yell, "Cheer!"  Then he'd yell, "Silent Cheer!" and we were supposed to be dead silent, so as to surprise and distract the shooter through the absence of the expected sound.  I always felt that was a dubious tactic, in addition to being devilishly hard to coordinate with 13,000 people, some of whom were probably fans of the opposition.  But you could feel the guy's earnest passion and see his enthusiasm anyway.  Rest in peace, and may you get the chance to cheer a Blazer Championship from Upstairs sometime soon.

--Dave (