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Good Players?

Watching Rasheed Wallace's last-second shot this morning I was reminded about what a complete player he is...not so much for finding the lucky pot of gold at the bottom of the net but for having the presence of mind to scoop it up and shoot it in time under duress.  In the early days of his Portland tenure I loved Rasheed because of his all-around game, his stepping up in the playoffs, and his vast potential.  The last 6-9 months I was very, very disappointed in him because it looked like he quit on the team...frequently.  I wanted him out because the fit was bad at that point, even knowing he was still a very good player.  I just couldn't stand to watch him out there anymore.  (Just giving you the history to convey that I wasn't always a Sheed-as-a-Blazer supporter.)

Anyway, this begs the question, how many really good NBA players do we have on the current squad...either ones who are good now or will be in the future?  And by "good" here I do NOT mean "somebody who has a marketable NBA skill".  Obviously that's almost all of them.  I mean someone with an honest, well-rounded NBA game that any team in the league would feel comfortable playing significant minutes.  We're not talking potential, not one-trick ponies, not fans' wishful thinking that in the right system and with the right development things could go well...guys that you KNOW are or will be legitimate, professional NBA players.

What do you think?  How many do we have and who are they?

--Dave (