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Game 70 Recap and Jersey Scoreboard

I can't very well do a recap on a game I didn't see (thanks ABC/NBA chuckleheads...schedule these Sunday EVENING!!!) but I will say that to lose on a last second shot in a game where we allowed the opponent to shoot 55% is pretty much a miracle so we should probably be happy.

Also, to nobody's surprise, Brian Wheeler reported that Zach would return to the starting lineup tomorrow.

Now on to the scoreboard...

Game 3 Results
Blazers 93  Timberwolves 94
Will Garnett be over or under 22.5?  Under (22)
Outlaw's Points-- 2
Jones' Minutes--  10
Roy's Assists-- 2
Blazer FG% Allowed--  55%

The Scores:

Homersolo  61
DrawingJeremy  61
Shenanigans  60
CmClean  59
Fromagnon  58
Ssa400  56
DuckBlazer  53
RockingHarder  52
DevynLindquist  51
Saregister  45
HarryManBack  32
GimmeIme  27
Jorga  20
Bairdy  17

As always, sadness among us for one, great relief for the remaining 13...until tomorrow.

--Dave (