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Jersey Contest Playoff Game 1 Scoreboard

Here are the results from the first game of our Jersey Contest Playoffs:

Final Score:  Blazers 92  Knicks 86
Which team commits more turnovers:  Knicks
Statistical Predictions:
Lamarcus' Points-- 12
Sergio's Assists-- 4
Martell's 3pt Attempts--  2
Total Blazer FT Attempts--  21


Saregister  BYE
CmClean  BYE
HomerSolo  BYE
RockingHarder  74
Shenanigans  73
Fromagnon 69
GimmeIme  62
Bretski  60
DrawingJerremy  60
Bairdy  59
DevynLindquist  42
Ssa400  40
DCBlazer  38
Jorga  25
DuckBlazer  25
HarryManback  17
DrDave  7

So sadly former jersey winner Dr. Dave is the first victim and since DCBlazer and Shenanigans were here on a tie for 12th and Shenanigans scored higher, DC is also eliminated.  At least you guys made it!

CMClean and HomerSolo have now used their byes and must play. Saregister gets one more free pass for the Atlanta game. Remember scores are not cumulative. Everybody starts at zero tomorrow.

(And for those wondering, no bonuses applied in this game.)

--Dave (