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Gameday Open Thread: Wizards vs. Blazers

This is the place to talk about the game before, during, and after the action.  In the spirit of the great Fauxstradamus himself feel free to make a bunch of pre-game predictions about the contest.  If they turn out not to come true you can say afterwards it was just for the publicity.

The game is not televised locally but is on League Pass so this would be a great opportunity for those of you cuddling up to radios tonight to join us for the chat.

Also don't forget that this is the last game of the regular season portion of the March/April jersey contest.  This evening the final field of 12+4 will be decided.  Make sure and check tonight or tomorrow morning if you think you might make the Top 12.  I need a current e-mail address and confirmation of participation for everyone who makes the playoffs.  Just send an e-mail to confirm.

--Dave (