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March/April Jersey Contest Game 2

"Wait a minute!" you say.  "How can you put up the Game 2 form when you haven't gotten the scoreboard for Game 1 up yet!"  I know, I know.  We don't usually have Thursday night games and between watching the game, the game recap, and the Quick Chat recap (which takes an obnoxiously long time) I didn't have the extra hour to tally the scores.  I promise they'll be up this afternoon.

However since the next game is on a weekend, since I know some of you don't have the same access on weekends, and because there are only nine total games in the regular season of this contest and missing one would be a blow, I'm putting up tomorrow's prediction form early.  For those who want to wait for the scoreboard and game preview you still can.

As always, just copy and paste this form into the comment section of this post and fill in the appropriate numbers.  You get 30 points for having the winner right, 20 for the bonus question, and up to 50 for statistical fidelity.

Game 2 Prediction Form
Final Score:  Blazers   Kings
Bonus Question:  Who will get the first Blazer dunk of the game?
Statistical Predictions:
Martell Webster's Points--
Brandon Roy's Assists--
Jamaal Magloire's Rebounds--
Total Blazer Blocked Shots--

--Dave (