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March/April Jersey Contest: Game 9 Predictions

Here it is...the final game of the regular season for the prediction contest.  After this game the field will be pared down to twelve and our returning jersey winners (at least assuming Devyn shows up...) will compete with them for the year-end prize.

Those bonus prizes are still in effect for this game even for those who don't think they have a shot at the Top 12.

Just paste the prediction form below into the comment section of this post to enter.

CHANGE! CHANGE! CHANGE! Casey Holdahl is reporting that the Blazers have given Zach Randolph bereavement leave for Tuesday's game. Story here. That means we're changing a stat line in the prediction form. It should only affect the 4-5 people who have already submitted.

Game 9 Prediction Form
Final Score:  Blazers  Wizards
Bonus Question:  We'll take it easy on Gilbert Arenas this time.  Will he score more than 35?
Statistical Predictions:
Brandon Roy's Points--
Lamarcus Aldridge's Offensive Rebounds--
Jarrett Jack's Free Throw Attempts--
Total Blazer Assists--

Good luck as always!

--Dave (