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GAMEDAY OPEN THREAD: Blazers vs. Lakers

The BIG QUESTION...will we get to 1000 tonight?  This is our first of three attempts.  It's like we're up 3-1 in a playoff series. (You remember those, don't you?)  We still have other chances but it would be easier to just take care of business tonight and then party our way home.  To set things up let's throw it over to our expert analysts Mike Carrot and Mike Spice...

Carrot:  Well Blazersedge fans it's shaping up to be quite an evening.  You have a chance to see something that's never been done before.  What do you think the odds are Mike Spice?  

Oh great.  You're chewing POPCORN?  We're doing a live broadcast here.

Spice:  Mmmmph.  Mmm.  You're not supposed to mention that, partner!

Carrot:  Well give us your thoughts and then go get a toothpick for Pete's sake!

Spice:  Well it won't be easy tonight.  It's a Friday night game and comments are often down on the weekends.  Also it could be a loss for the team which makes rooting harder.  On the other hand the Lakers are the most popular matchup in the league.  And since it's a road game you can be sure there will be plenty of bad officiating comments to be made.  The key to the game, though, may be the number of pre-game comments.

Carrot:  Yes.  There's nothing wrong with frontloading the thread as long as they're related to the game and not "spam".

Spice:  Speaking of spam...

Carrot: you got buffalo wing sauce on my shirt.  You DO know we're live here, right?  Back to you Dave.

Thanks Mikes!  I'll be here tonight.  Make sure you're here too and become a part of the Quest for 1000.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Sometimes the site slows down a little during in-game chats.  I've been told that the SportsBlogNation servers occasionally get clogged with automated spam comments that get pushed through all at once and they stall everybody else's comments temporarily.  Don't let that discourage you!  Keep refreshing and within a couple minutes it'll be fine.

Good luck to us AND the Blazers tonight!

--Dave (