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March/April Jersey Contest: Game 7 Prediction Form

Please read carefully.  There are two prediction forms today.  This one is for TONIGHT'S game against the LAKERS.

The regular season of the Jersey Contest is winding to a close.  Make sure you get in your licks while you can!  Just copy the form below into the comment section of this post and fill out the info to enter.

You score 30 for a correct prediction of the winner, 20 for getting the bonus question right, and up to 50 for statisticaly accuracy.  A perfect score of 100 wins a jersey immediately!  A much-less-perfect score of 22 wins a smaller bonus prize in honor of Blazer great Clyde Drexler.

Game 7 Prediction Form
Final Score:  Blazers   Lakers
Bonus Question:  Who will have more free throw attempts, Kobe Bryant or Zach and Brandon combined?
Statistical Predictions:
Jarrett Jack's Points--
Martell Webster's Rebounds--
Sergio Rodriguez's Assists--
Blazers' Field Goal Percentage (Round to a whole number)--

Good luck to all!

--Dave (