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Gunning for 1000

The enormous response to the last GameDay Open Thread renewed my deepest see 1000 comments in a post this year.  I know I'm good for 200 more all on my own, which means if we duplicate tonight's effort we're only a dozen or so extra intentional game-long participants away.  So I'm going to make it official and call it:  Let's try.

I'm going to designate three games as official "Shoot For 1000" nights.  If it happens outside of that we'll count ourselves lucky but I figure set dates might help folks gather.  Blogs often schedule games to meet in person.  This is the same thing, just online.

The first game is tomorrow against the Lakers.  That's sure to be a riotously popular contest and fun to talk about.  I'm a little worried about the short notice and the fact that it's a Friday, so the backup games will be next Tuesday the 20th against the Wizards and Monday, April 9th against the Spurs.  I'll clear my schedule those nights and make sure I can join you here.  Maybe you can give it a try too.

If you want to promote the site and get some notice, this would sure be a way to do it.  I don't know that anybody's ever had 1000 comments in a single night (or thread for that matter).  There's only one rule: they don't have to be long treatises but they can't be just fluff, spam comments to hit 1000 either.  It has to be legit.

Just in case it's needed, I will also give some incentive.  You know how some people were talking earlier in the year about a Blazersedge get-together?  If we hit 1000 officially and legitimately I will make sure that happens next fall, complete with discount tickets and maybe even a chance to go out after for those who would like.  And yes, I will come.  (And this will bring up the NEXT goal...beating out the 75 people that GSoM just gathered for a Warriors game.  Could Blazersedge ever draw 100 in person?)

774 commments is our current record.  Even topping that would be sweet.  1000 would be...unimaginably nifty.  You game?

Or a better way to put it, in true Blazer parlance, circa 1999:  Does this blog have what it takes to shock the world?

--Dave (