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Strong Showing

I was impressed that we got nearly 250 comments in the GameDay thread without any of my running play-by-play and in a game where we trailed wire to wire no less!  Way to go folks!  I really hope you enjoy chatting with each other.  I know it always makes the game a little more fun for me.

And speaking of strong showings...last Friday I had a really neat moment here at Blazersedge.  That was the day that Dwight Jaynes wrote his Nate McMillan column.  As usual I checked out all of the Trib stuff after midnight when it's freshly updated.  I read Dwight's column and I had about a million reflections on it.  But as passionate as I was about the subject I knew it was either going to be a two-and-a-half page piece or nothing. I was very tired that night and had several other things yet to do.  For a blogger leaving things unwritten is like a poker player leaving money on the just don't do it.  But in the wee hours of that Friday morning I did.  That was the first time ever since I've started blogging that I had a piece in my heart--one that I knew would be interesting and get a great response--and didn't write it.

I felt kind of bad about that all night.  I felt like maybe there wouldn't be enough to talk about or like I had let people down somehow...that people would be checking in to the site and go "meh" and click right off when it maybe could have been more interesting.

Guess what?  That day there were 150 comments on the site in the diary section alone.  That's not even counting the responses to the stuff on the main page (nor the ten extra diary comments I deleted because a couple of our characters decided it was the Blazersedge Biannual Annoy the Blogger Day).  A lot of sites don't get 150 comments in a week...including this one sometimes.  I was floored and stunned and really grateful.  I felt like I had left too much unsaid and you guys just jumped right in and said it all and more.

THAT is what makes this one of the best sites around.

Anyway, for all the comments, support, enthusiam, conversation, and unabashed rooting that goes on around here...thank you.

--Dave (